10 Best Places for Travel in India.

10 Best Places to Travel in kullu.

10 Best Places for Travel in India.

Hello friends, I know that you guys like to travel, you must have visited many beautiful places in the world. If you have thought about coming to India, then I have brought 10 such beautiful places for you that will thrill your mind. India is a beautiful country where people from many countries come to visit, so let’s know about these beautiful places. These are the best places for Travel in India.

best places for Travel in India :

1. Himachal Pradesh
2. Leh Ladhak
3. Goa
4. Agra
5. Jaipur and Udaipur
6. Kashmir
7. Varanasi
8. Assam
9. Khajjiar
10. Mysore

These are the best places for Travel in India.

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a famous tourist destination in India, where people from all over the country come to visit here. The beauty of Himachal attracts the mind of the people visiting here. Kullu, Manali, Shimla, Chamba, and Kangra, etc. are famous for visiting Himachal Pradesh. The scenic view here gives peace to the mind of the tourists. 

Hence Himachal Pradesh is a famous tourist destination of India. If you are thinking about visiting India, then definitely visit Himachal Pradesh. The beautiful mountains and beautiful rivers of Himachal Pradesh add beauty to its beauty. These are the best places for Travel in India.

Leh Ladhak

The city of Leh is situated on the banks of the Indus River. The natural beauty of this place captivates the minds of people across the country and every year millions of tourists come to enjoy the natural beauty of the place. These are the best places for Travel in India.

You will find Buddhist monuments and mosques in most places here. Which were built in about 16 to 17 centuries? Leh is more populated by Buddha, monks, Hindus, and Lamas.


this is goa beach image

It is a dream for all travelers to go to this stunning coastal tourist destination. This travel destination is the most superb place within the Western Ghats of the Republic of India, with lush inexperienced plains and natural landscapes.

The province is additionally called the ‘Queen of Beaches’. The distinctive feature of the province tour is that the coconut / Sunny beach, which has an incredible read of the tiny white sandbanks, the seacoast, once you travel to these places, your heart is smiling.


The city of the province, two hundred kilometers from the country’s capital, Delhi, is thought to be the urban center Taj Mahal. With the exception of the Taj Mahal placed here, urban center Fort and Fatehpur Sikri also are enclosed within the UN agency World Heritage website.

The history of urban centers dates back to the eleventh century. Over the years, each Hindu and Muslim rulers dominated here. Therefore, a confluence of 2 sorts of culture is seen here. The sweetness of the Taj Mahal can fascinate your mind. The Taj Mahal was designed by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaz. These are the best places for Travel in India.

Jaipur & Udaipur

Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, is also known as Pink City. This city is full of beautiful cities, Havelis and forts. Jaipur means the city of victory. It was settled in 1727 by Sawai Jai Singh, II, the Kushwaha Rajput king. It was the first city at that time, which was planned in a planned manner. Vidyadhar Bhattacharya, the architect, had prepared this layout.

The Mughals used red stone in the buildings they built, while Raja Jai ​​Singh painted the entire city in pink. That’s why Jaipur is called Pink City.

If you want to see Jaipur from close, then measuring the entire city by foot can be a good option. The city is located at a distance of 242 km from the national capital Delhi and is well connected by bus, rail, and air traffic. The main languages ​​here are Hindi and Rajasthani. Night view of Jaipur from Nahargarh.

 After coming to Jaipur, it is known that you have entered a Rajwada, the royal headdress is made of Jaipur and adorned with lehenga-chunni, the old ladies of Jaipur, gossiping, how sweet dialects in Rajasthani language, Things like to welcome and sitting like my country, sit and live, seem so beautiful.


There are many tourist places in the state where every visiting tourist wants to go, but hardly anyone can live without going to Gulmarg, Sonamarg, Pahalgam, and Patnitap. The first three of these are in different directions in Kashmir Valley and the fourth PatniTop is on the way to Kashmir in Jammu division.

Let’s talk about Gulmarg first. It is located in Baramulla district of Kashmir division. It is 57 kilometers from Srinagar. Gulmarg can be reached from Srinagar in two hours by a passenger bus. Gulmarg has skiing, golf course, world’s highest cable car, and trekking beside the dargah of Sufi Saint Baba Rishi.

Suppose that Gulmarg is the life of those who come to Kashmir, then Sonamarg can definitely be called a heart. Situated in the Kashmir division at an altitude of 2,730 meters above sea level, Sonamarg is your example in beauty.

There are state tourism hotels and huts in Sonamarg whose fares start from fourteen hundred rupees. Apart from this, there are also a plethora of private hotels.

Private vehicles from Srinagar charge two to two and a half thousand rupees to and from Sonamarg. Before traveling here, the weather officer of Srinagar must get information about the weather there. Apart from this, Pahalgam located in district Anantnag is about sixty kilometers from Srinagar and 2,130 meters above sea level.

Pahalgam has gained recognition due to Bollywood as many films have been shot in the Aru Valley and Betab Valley in its vicinity and the traditional route to Amarnath’s yatra is also from here. The beauty of Pahalgam, situated on both sides of the river Lidder, is its own example. It has complete facilities for horse riding, trekking, golf, fishing, etc.


Varanasi is additionally referred to as Banaras and Kashi. town|the town|town} is that the oldest and unendingly moving city within the world. This town is named after Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is that the main spiritual being of the Hindus United Nations agency is taken into account as an emblem of creation and destruction.

Varanasi is one of the holiest cities in Hinduism. There’s an excellent belief in Hinduism concerning this town that if someone comes here and dies or has his last rites in Kashi, then he attains Moksha i.e. that person gets liberated from the cycle of birth and death.

 Therefore, this place is additionally referred to as Mukti Sthal. These are the best places for Travel in India. Concerning Varanasi, individuals have associated an unwavering belief that if a dip within the holy watercourse Ganges River flows here, all sins are washed away.

 For several tourists, a dip within the Ganges River at sunrise and sunset may be a distinctive and unforgettable expertise. Aarti (prayer) is organized each evening at the most ghats of Varanasi.


The state of Assam is known for its diverse culture and lush green forests. Assam is one such state which is very close to nature in every sense. Those who are interested in wildlife tourism must definitely turn to Assam.

It is bounded by the northeastern state, Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh in the north, Nagaland and Manipur in the east, and the borders of Mizoram in the south.

Assam is known for its wildlife tourism. The National Park and other sanctuaries are the major tourist destinations of Assam. It is home to all national parks, a variety of rare creatures, and other species. Many types of adventure activities can also be done here.

Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary is a special offering for Assam tourism. It is recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. A variety of rare creatures and animals such as Golden Langur, Bengal Florican, Payam Hog, White-winged Wood Duck, etc. are found here.

 Many types of birds such as migratory birds, predators, water birds, and game words can also be seen here. Apart from Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary, Manas National Park is also the major park here which has made it to the UNESCO land area due to its biodiversity. These are the best places for Travel in India.

 Manas is the country’s first tiger reserve project and is also home to other wildlife species. It is also known for its beauty and all the vegetation is well maintained here. Other national parks in Assam include Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Orang National Park, and Nameri National Park.


Beautiful hills, greenery spread all around, these beautiful rivers make the mind-boggling rivers and lakes come here, this small hill station thousands of years old is especially known for Khajji Nag temple. Nagdev is worshiped here.

But tourists mainly come to enjoy the climate of this hill station. The attraction of Khajjiar lies in the Khajjiar lake covered with pine and deodar trees.

 The green soft and attractive grass around the lake adds beauty to the Khajjiar. In the middle of the lake, there are two places where tourists get excited by reaching. These are the best places for Travel in India.

The climate of Khajjiar is lovely for the duration of the day, yet at night, the climate here turns out to be so captivating and exciting that you wind up in a different universe.


Mysore is the cultural capital of the province, is additionally the second-largest town within the state. This celebrated Tourer destination of South Bharat is understood for its splendor and royal surroundings. The recent shining, stunning gardens, Havelis, and shady places of Mysore town fascinate the tourists visiting here.

In 2010, a survey conducted by the Union Urban Development Authority hierarchical  Mysore became the second cleanest town in Bharat and also the initial in the province.

 Wood rose and different sorts of fragrant dissolved within the air of Mysore, it’s conjointly known as a wood town. It’s conjointly referred to as Ivory town and the town of Palaces.

Sometimes Mysore is additionally known as the town of Yoga as a result of a yoga center here attracts the utmost range of individuals. The Ashtanga Yoga program to be controlled here attracts an outsized range of Yoga fans from Bharat and abroad. These are the best places for Travel in India.

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